Updated: 5.11.2015 13:08.


Dyno tuning 2WD and 4WD chassis dynamometer


2WD dynamometer:

Max speed 360km/h
Max power: 1800hv (wheel)
Eddy current brake.
2WD dynamometri

4WD dynamometer:

Max speed: 295 km/h
Max power(4wd): 3000+hv (wheel)
Two eddy current brakes.
Electronic syncronization between rolls.
Mechanical linkage

4WD tehodynamometri

Engine tuning

Engine tuning is made in dynamometer.


- We tune many kind of passenger car engine control modules

- Chiptuning, power tune, DTC removal, EGR / DPF removal etc...

BMW 114i 2014 ECU ohjelmointia

Programmable ecus

- Programmable ecu mapping
We tune for example: HESTEC, Simtek, Alcatek, Hondata, Syvecs, Megasquirt, Vems, Tatech, Haltech, DTA, Aem... etc etc.. ask

Porsche Hestec säätöjä


- We tune also historic rally cars / old cars in dynamometer, we have experience for example Kugelfischer, D-Jetronic, K-Jetronic, L-Jetronic... etc.

Volvo Amazon dyno


Johtosarja Boss Hoss ECU ohjelmointi Volvo 16V SRC kilpamoottori
  • Engine management system installation / wiring
  • Engine management system diagnostics / fault codes read/erase
  • Engine control unit diagnostics / repair / second hand ecu coding
  • EGR removal
  • DPF removal
  • Turbo repair / installations
  • Intercooler installations
  • Custom exhaust systems / installations
  • Fuel line design / manufacturing
  • Custom turbo oil pipes with hydraulic clamp/ PTFE
  • Dyno test / dyno runs
  • Racing engines
  • etc.