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HESTEC X32 - 32bit engine control unit


HESTEC X32 32BIT - engine control unit


Price: 1060eur, includes VAT

HESTEC Harinen X32

Hestec Harinen X32 is compact engine control unit, which is suitable for naturally aspirated or turbo engine.  Despite small size, it has lot of features. Base price includes for example 3D boost control, internal datalog, wideband lambda control, launch/antilag system … etc…


  • 4 injector outputs (controlling 6 and 8 cyl as staged)
  • 4 ignition outputs (6 and 8 cyl. as wasted spark)
  • Electronic boost control (PWM)
  • Lambda control narrow or wideband
  • Rev limiter
  • Launch system
  • Fuel pump control output
  • Idle speed control PWM (2 or 3 pin valve)
  • 2 digital outputs (cooling fan, camshaft timing ON/OFF, shift light etc)
  •  Shift cut
  • Antilag system
  • Online real time tuning
  • Internet updates to tuning software
  • Flash firmware (possible to update via tuning software)
  • Control mode map or throttle (or both)
  •   Tachometer output
  • CAN -bus (settings for external displays/datalog for example Racetechnology, VAG, BMW, Fiat.. )
  • Internal datalog
  • Digital trigger interface
  • Sensor calibrations via software
  • Versatile tuning maps
  • Tuning software for Windows 32bit/64bit Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8